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Disclosure – Tenderly (Flashback 1994 remix)

18 Jan


That bass grooooooves. Free remix from Australian producer, Flashback. And sounds like it’s ready to fit right into an Ibiza all night, 5 am set. Relaxing yet so moving. Granted, this remix sounds nothing like the original, but that’s alright and actually something we admire in remixes – genuine creativity.  Hats off to the young Flashback for sharing this one for free. Incredibly smooth and I can just see it chugging along any given sweaty basement dancefloor tonight.




Ejeca – Movin On [Download]

30 Dec


If we haven’t already sang his praises enough, Ejeca has had a breakthrough 2012. Classic garage house – nothing incredibly groundbreaking, but each new production of his stands out in any house set. And when you have Waze & Odyssey’s full support, you might be headed somewhere nice. He’s been a good enough hombre to lend out his Movin On track as a free download – in case you want this one to highlight your next set…pick it up below!

Download: Ejeca – Movin On


[Download] Talk Talk – It’s My Life (TENSNAKE LIVE EDIT)

28 Dec


Minding your own business and then BAM, Tensnake gives away an old edit of his – one that’s not part of the usual breed of edits. The story behind this little nugget – it was recorded and edited live during his set at Source Festival last year in Holland. Tensnake sends his sincerest apologies for the sudden ending to his edit, but you won’t find this one anywhere else.

Take a step back to 1984:


[Download] Hamo – On & On

27 Dec
Hamo - On & On

Hamo – On & On

And the leftover Christmas gifts keep coming. Hamo gave out a wonderful slap of garage house the other night to celebrate the festive and selfless December season. He may not be on yours or anyone’s radar just yet, but he’s a budding producer from the icy Ireland north, who’s developing his voice. My money would be to follow him now because he’s had a few fantastic independent releases under his belt and is on the verge of busting his next one outta the park.

Share the tasty, free music!

Download: Hamo – On & On


Leftover Christmas Presents

26 Dec
Even more Christmas presents

Even more Christmas presents

The day after Christmas and I’m already back at work. Can’t complain though because a bounty of producers opened up their vaults yesterday to their diehard fans. Of course, I had the pleasure of narrowing down that selection to deep, indie dance, and minimal bass tracks of my choosing.

Besides, even if it ain’t Christmas no more, does that mean we can’t still have nice things? Treat yoself:

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[Download] Mitzi – All I Heard

19 Dec


Indie rock – not a familiar sound on our site. But when you factor in the rise and international scope of the Australian Future Classic label, genre’s are the last priority on their mind. I admire how the label has streamlined productions of wide-ranging musical genres ranging from House to Indie Dance and found the space to feature indie bands like Mitzi under their expansive family. In anticipation of the band’s first album, Truly Alive (out Feb. 13, 2013), Future Classic is giving away their All I Heard track for free! Some major and diverse talent coming from our mates down under:

Download: Mitzi – All I Heard



Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure remix)

10 Dec
Artful Dodger - Please Don't Turn Me On (Disclosure remix)

Artful Dodger – Please Don’t Turn Me On (Disclosure remix)

Mondays: shit usually hits the fan as big name artists LOVE putting out new music and have a knack for surprising their fans with freebies. Disclosure did just that for their faithful following this morning and this free remix has blown up/appeared on every other blog from here to Hong Kong. You wonder why? It’s incredible. In fact, our friends at Vitalic Noise posed a poignant question: How long until the Skrillex fans come down and swoop Disclosure from us? That’s a valid question considering how much wide spread recognition they’ve received since the mass (sex) appeal of their single, Latch.

Come to think of it…I’m not sure what they meant by that question – is Disclosure getting too mainstream? I could care less. I’m loving everything they present to the world: