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Disclosure – Tenderly (Flashback 1994 remix)

18 Jan


That bass grooooooves. Free remix from Australian producer, Flashback. And sounds like it’s ready to fit right into an Ibiza all night, 5 am set. Relaxing yet so moving. Granted, this remix sounds nothing like the original, but that’s alright and actually something we admire in remixes – genuine creativity.  Hats off to the young Flashback for sharing this one for free. Incredibly smooth and I can just see it chugging along any given sweaty basement dancefloor tonight.




Larry Levan Live @ Sound Factory, NY [3.22.1991]

6 Jan
Larry Levan (circa late 1980s)

Larry Levan (circa late 1980s)

Here’s your history lesson for the weekend: Larry Levan, the godfather of djing. Larry was offered a residency back in 1977 in New York at the legendary Paradise Garage – mind you this was at a time when disco was at it’s peak popularity, the LGBT community thrived in underground clubs like this and heavy drug use influenced djing’s creative innovation. Paul Oakenfold has been quoted in his experience of Larry’s sets that Larry wasn’t at the top of the list when it came to mixing – of course, he knew very well how to beat match, but his real skill set resided in selecting exactly what the crowd wanted to hear, whether they knew it or not.

Larry championed his way to the top alongside DJ’s like Frankie Knuckles, as well as countless big name producers during in his rise to underground fame throughout the 1980s. Considered one of the most legendary DJs and most influential American dance icons, Larry died somewhat prematurely at the age of 38 due to heart complications. Take a listen back to one of his sets a year prior to his passing to get a sense of his impeccable flavor and taste:


[Download] Trev-Ski, The Metaphysical – Stop

6 Dec
Ed, The Metaphysical

Ed, The Metaphysical

Locally grown, DC-based hombre, The Metaphysical, opened my eyes to a beautiful morning a few minutes ago and reminded me life ain’t so bad following a heinous hangover at work (full review of last night’s French Express show coming soon). Ed, my hat’s off to you on your collaboration with Maryland local, Trev-Ski – this is exactly what gets any house-obsessed freak through the day.

Cheers on the FREE download!



Waze & Odyssey: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview

3 Dec
Relative veterans to Britain’s underground house scene, Waze & Odyssey have curated quite the campaign for themselves in the past few years. Once again, they’re up for voting on DJ Mag’s “Best of Britain” poll this year. We’ve featured the boys here on PB&J™ before, but we wanted to give you all a little more insight into their world. W&O has run remix collaborations with T-E-E-D & Disclosure lately, as well as launching their new label: Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks earlier this summer. Take a gander at what we discussed with them last week:

First Listen: Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out

29 Nov

Russ Chimes

Rarely do I experience something that I know will be huge overnight. The last instance I got that feeling was our first listen with Disclosure’s “Latch”. What is it about Russ Chimes’ latest, Turn Me Out that sets itself up for international play? Catchiness, classic house-styled vocal samples and placement, as well as a genre-stretching sound (possibly by design). Elements of trance synths, tech house progression, garage house percussions, classic house vocals, and disco boogie all come together in some bizarrely stunning amalgamation – it’s one of those “Yes, I love this” moments. You ever feel that? Anyway, take a listen to this new one, played out by Annie Mac last Friday:


Courtesy of PB&J

T.Williams Releases Dreaming on PMR Records

19 Nov

On par with his earlier releases this year including his Pain & Love EP and a booming remix of Disclosure, Tesfa T.Williams opens up his latest “Dreaming” for purchase today through PMR Records. (You may have heard of the relatively new PMR as it’s home to notables Jessie Ware & Julio Bashmore). Reminiscent of classic house hi-hats and rhythm, this quality is something we’ve become familiar with in T’s work. He’s gotten big ups and support even from Radio 1 themselves, as well as our solid affirmation of approval.

Tesfa has joined the ranks of the UK elite who are carving out their special takes on how proper house music should be composed, all the while creating a sound I now recognize as distinctly his own. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to check out some of his other work in the extra section below.

Beatport: T.Williams – Dreaming



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Bicep Celebrates 4th Birthday with Free Tracks

8 Nov

4 years ago, yesterday, Feel My Bicep began a music blog for underground house obsessed fans. To this day, they’ve gathered a cult following, started their own Record Label, produced massive classic house tracks that have been widely supported across the DJ gamut, and just recently started touring other continents. I admire these two as Bicep has transformed from part time devotion to a now flourishing resume. Pick up their latest two, a freebie titled Feel It and their mix Night Trax. Well done, mates!