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Disclosure – Tenderly (Flashback 1994 remix)

18 Jan


That bass grooooooves. Free remix from Australian producer, Flashback. And sounds like it’s ready to fit right into an Ibiza all night, 5 am set. Relaxing yet so moving. Granted, this remix sounds nothing like the original, but that’s alright and actually something we admire in remixes – genuine creativity.  Hats off to the young Flashback for sharing this one for free. Incredibly smooth and I can just see it chugging along any given sweaty basement dancefloor tonight.




Four Tet Gives Away Free Album

15 Jan
Four Tet

Four Tet

Shock and awe filled already-blown minds of the fans following the legendary producer, Kieran Hebden (Four Tet). Uploaded as a surprise this morning, Kieran unveiled some unreleased works of his dating back to 1997, composed them together into a 40-min mix and sent it out to his following to download, share, and listen to as freely as they please. Simply a case of amazing generosity from the talented veteran. So, here you have it…a free Four Tet album.

If you’re a stickler who needs every full, complete version of these tracks to completely whack out your next live set, never fear! There will be a vinyl LP release of these tunes sometime in the near future.


FIRST LISTEN: Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (Bufi remix)

14 Jan
Goldroom - Sweetness Alive (Bufi remix)

Goldroom – Sweetness Alive (Bufi remix)

A lustrous piano, wavy intro and sweet lyrics – the mark of a Goldroom tune. Bufi lays over an Ibiza lounge-ready bassline and guitar sample to help you find your happy place this morning. As a release date is still pending on Beatport’s bureaucratic processes, take a break today and enjoy your first listen to what this summer will sound like:


Powerslug Presents R.A.C. and Le Youth @ Le Poisson Rouge NYC (2.2.13)

12 Jan

rac and le youth

Our friends at Powerslug are kicking off 2013 with a bang. Providing New Yorkers with a night of indie dance grooves, Powerslug is adding Le Youth to already popular night with PB&J‘s personal favorites, R.A.C.. Feb 2nd is shaping up to be a special event at the famed underground NYC hot spot Le poisson Rouge, so take our word for it when we tell you to get your tickets early – this is guaranteed to be a show you won’t want to miss! See below for some sample tunes from R.A.C. and Le Youth!

Purchase Tix: Powerslug Presents R.A.C. and Le Youth @ Le Poisson Rouge NYC 2.2.13



Jonas Rathsman – Just You

10 Jan
Jonas Rathsman - Just You

Jonas Rathsman – Just You

Have I been on a Jonas Rathsman kick for the past 2 weeks? Yeah…so what? What are you gonna do about it, tough guy? Thing is, the Perseus & Jonas Rathsman BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix is something, in my humble opinion, to marvel at for months to come.

Just You is an unreleased gem from Rathsman that sneaked in toward the back end of this essential mix and one that deserves a stronger highlight. Luckily someone else out there was feeling it too and ripped a near beginning to end version for listening purposes on youtube. No intent for release on French Express at this time but you’ll likely see it out for personal consumption one of these days.


Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead

8 Jan
Bit Funk - The Long Road Ahead

Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead

Bit Funk has always worked a bit behind the scenes, mostly handing out independent free downloads over the past year – and usually of an upbeat, dancefloor-exciting mood. The Long Road Ahead comes in with a slightly bigger, more melodic and even still, relaxing tone. A powerful bassline pulls through the breakdown and into the second chorus to drive home smooth piano chords and that damn catchy/playful synth riff. Hats off to Bit for starting off the new year on the right foot and setting the tone for independent grooves in Brooklyn. Grab it for free below:

Download: Bit Funk – The Long Road Ahead


[Download] Shlohmo – Wen Uuu via Future Classic

7 Jan


Just as we’re ready to hit the hay, the Aussies are waking up to a treat courtesy of one of our favorite labels, Future Classic, as they give away a soothing new tune from Shlohmo. It took one listen for me to hit the download button. Actually, strike that. The download button was calling my name. Excellent dub, powerful, yet non-overbearing synths, and some nice breakbeat percussions – quite the intriguing combination and I’ll shut up ‘n let you listen in:


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