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Bassnectar – Freestyle EP [New EP + Review]

17 Oct

NECTAR ALERT: Yesterday, American bass music pioneer Lorin Ashton rewarded his loyal followers with yet another fantastic collection of tracks molded in his trademark sound. In classic Bassnectar fashion, the ‘Freestyle EP’ contains 6 highly diverse, new songs (many of which are collaborations) that span the bass music spectrum while still maintaining that unmistakable Bassnectar grind that we’ve all come to know and love. So without further adieu, jump in and to listen to the EP, Mix, individual songs, whatever and check out a review courtesy of fellow PB&J™ writer jerZ. Enjoy.

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Big Wet Bass #1 [Sick New BASS Music + 4 New Mixes]

5 Oct

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 1st Edition of PB&J’s brand new weekly bass music post, Big Wet Bass. After seventy-one Dubstomp Wompday posts focusing mainly on Dubstep, we felt it was time to broaden our bass music horizons and venture outside the strict confines of such a genre-specific title.

There’s no question that the bass music landscape has seen a tremendous amount of change and growth in 2012 and this new format aims to explore that growth (and change) while focusing on bass music as a whole. In our inaugural post, we highlight everything from Pretty Lights and Zeds Dead to ShockOne and Culture Code. Also, be sure to check out the four very diverse mixes that we left for you as a bonus. Enjoy!

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Dubstomp Wompday #71

26 Sep

Welcome once again to the wonderful world of the Womp. Today we have heavy, chill, fast, slow, big names, and unknowns. Like usual, there’s a little something for everyone including Metrik, Seven Lions, Dexcell, Xilent, Fonik, MitiS, and a very special new FREE track from the great Nero. Jump in and enjoy. Continue reading

Dubstomp Wompday #70 [Sick New Dubstep + Zeds Dead Bonus]

19 Sep

Bass fiends rejoice! Dubstomp Wompday turns 70 today and that means more of the best new bass music around. This week’s edition features previews from Dexcell, Nero, Vaski, Kill The Noise & Dirtyphonics as well as freebies from PatrickReza, Fytch, Manic Focus and more. We’ve also got a special 45 minute mix by the aptly dubbed “Canadian genre-mashers” known as Zeds Dead which they made for Mixmag’s “Mix of the Week.” This one runs the gamut of bass music from the chillest of the chill to the hardest of the hard, so it certainly has a little something for everyone. Now jump in and get to steppin… Continue reading

Dubstomp Wompday # 69 [Sick New Dubstep + OldBoy Bonus]

15 Sep

Ok folks, so here’s the story. I realize that this week’s Wompday is coming to you a few days late of the usual Wednesday posting slot, and I’m sorry for that – but it’s not just for any reason. I’ve been seriously disappointed with all the mediocre music that’s been released in the past week. That is, until I stumbled upon a local DJ right here in Orlando with some serious skills. I first heard about him through a mutual friend who told me that  OldBoy had entered a local DJ contest for a spot on the main stage at Roxy in Orlando. At first, I anticipated another average mix effort, but my friend assured me his music selection was right up my alley, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Not only was I blown away by the tracklist, but I was also thoroughly impressed with his talent. I had the opportunity to hear OldBoy spin a special VIP set at his place last night and I’m convinced that this kid not only deserves to win the contest, but could have a real future working the decks. So without further adieu, listen to a handful of solid tracks I was able to find this week (Sub Focus, Seven Lions, Spenca) and check out OldBoy’s “Start to End” contest entry mix…give him a vote if you feel obliged (if not for yourself, then do it for me because I’m dying to see this kid crush Roxy). Enjoy. Continue reading

Dubstomp Wompday #68 [Sick New Dubstep + GRiZ Bonus]

5 Sep

Here it is folks…after a one week vacation, your favorite Dubstomp Wompday is back with a vengeance. This week we kick things off with a few new previews including and absolutely GORGEOUS remix from Seven Lions (guaranteed to give you chills), a forthcoming banger from Sub Focus, classic bass-heavy artistry from MitiS and another great remix from Xilent. After that it’s 17 FREE new jams (including tracks from Wompday regulars Adventure Club, Sound Remedy and LabRat) and a bonus feature showcasing our boy GRiZ‘s brand new ‘Mad Liberation’ album (fo’ free). This one is JAM packed, so hurry up and get to steppin’. Continue reading

Dubstomp Wompday #67 [Sick New Dubstep + Bassnectar Bonus Mix]

22 Aug

Ladies and gentleman, this weeks Dubstomp Wompday is beyond packed with 16 FREE jams and an extra special 21-minute bonus mix so I’ll try not to waste your time here. Bassnectar, Bassex, Fourward, RoughMath, KDrew and Taiki & Nulight all crush it in this one and then we finish things off with a free new mix from Lorin Ashton entitled ‘Bassnectar’s European Vacation Mix.’ So without further adieu, I give you the Womp. Enjoy. Continue reading