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Steve Aoki ft. Wynter Gordon – Ladi Dadi (Part II)

14 Dec

Just in time for the drunken holiday parties Ultra Music Dim Mak unleashed ‘Ladi Dadi (Part II)’ from Steve Aoki featuring Wynter Gordon. ‘Ladi Dadi (Part II)’ is a blazing dance floor track. Says Aoki, “I wrote a whole new dubstep drop that is dirty and simply nutty. Starts off with the four on the floor leading you into the heavy bass chorus then right into the vocal hook and does it all over again.” After listening to this track, its sexy vocals and heavy drop will instantly get you dancing. You’ll be seeing the new and improved Ladi Dadi rise on the Beatport charts in the days to come – it’s defiantly worth a listen if not a download. Enjoy!

Download: Steve Aoki Ft. Wynter Gordon- Ladi Dadi (Part II)

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Robotic Pirate Monkey- Colors in Disguise [Must Download Electro/ Bass New EP]

9 Dec

The three insanely talented Boulder boys have done it again. Robotic Pirate Monkey also known as RPM recently released Colors in Disguise, which has a full range of tracks that demonstrates their full (and ever-developing) spectrum of musical taste. The album features some chiller more laid back dub and a couple serious head bangers. The boys have created three other albums that tote some classic remixes but in my opinion, none compare to this one. We’ve included Sidetracked, Jungle Tales, and Disturbing Pleasant Streets below as well as an interview we did with them in the past that you can check out by clicking HERE. Why go the drug road, when you can Download? EnJOY!


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Moogfest 2011 [Asheville, NC] October 28, 29 & 30

6 Oct

Moogfest is an annual event which honors the remarkable vision of Robert Moog and his amazing inventions that changed the course of music.” So finally here’s a festival where it really all started!  This years Moogfest, located in the beautiful, historic, downtown area of Asheville, North Carolina is filled with a variety of electronic music pioneers, contemporary groundbreaking artists and young upstarts who are also pushing musical boundaries. If the range of different artists in 2011 doesn’t keep you amused you have the opportunity to participate in workshops, engage with the musicians in panel discussions, enjoy visual art exhibitions, installations or film screenings. Make sure you rep your favorite music blog by picking up one of our new tanks! Check them out HERE. 

For more information on Moogfest click HERE. 


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Robotic Pirate Monkey’s Summer Tour Promo

19 Aug

Check out Robotic Pirate Monkey’s new summer tour promo which features the talented boys at The Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO & The Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO. The video debutes a brand new track called “Rio de Fuego” and will be the single off their album dropping this fall.  Also peep the interview we did with RPM HERE. 

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PB&J Exclusive Interview: Robotic Pirate Monkey

22 Jul

robotic pirate monkey

The PB&J™ crew and I are huge fans of the three man group Robotic Pirate Monkey consisting of Andrew Hathaway, Matt Berryhill, and Matt Flesher. We’ve been keeping tabs on these guys since the early days of + Boulder Beats…now as they continue to crush shows out west and put their own trademarked spin on electronic music – we figured you all should get to know the trio as they won’t be going away anytime soon. I had the pleasure of getting a chance to interview the boys over the weekend and here is what I found out about the talented group.

Check out their website and see where RPM is going to play next!

We know you guys are based out of Colorado but how did you three come together and start RPM?

Skiing is our common tie that brought us all out to Colorado, I knew Hath from skiing out east and Berry grew up skiing in Cali. Once at University of Colorado we all started DJing and eventually producing. We were all on the same level as far as production and seemed to have a taste for the same type of music so it just came naturally.

How would you describe your particular sound and what makes you different then other DJ groups?

I think as far as our live performance is concerned we try push the boundaries of how we are performing our productions and that creates a unique sound characteristic to RPM. We are constantly exploring new options of how to recreate the music we produce in a live setting and have it be unique each time. As far as our studio work I think our sound differs from the rest because you cant really fit it into a genre. We do make some Dubstep tunes and some glitch hop tunes, but a lot of music is around 100 bpm and really doesn’t fit into any of those genres you might see on a beatport dropdown menu.

You guys are blowing up and have been progressing fast. How is the new come fame?

Well thank you! I really haven’t began to think of us as famous yet but it is great to see our music reaching where it has.

You have done some quality remixes of The Expendables, Bob Marley, Pretty Lights, Miike Snow, and even Dolly Parton, what makes you pick those particular songs?

No method of how we pick the music we do to remix. It usually happens randomly, like i’ll be in the car and hear a song and be inspired to rush home to a computer to start messing around.

Just curious, If RPM could play at any festival in the world, which ones would be on your top 3 and who would you want to play with?

Electric Forest, Burning Man, ReGen ….and with STS9

You’re fan base is growing larger every day, any crazy fan stories yet?

At the end of our last show at the Bluebird Theater in Denver a fan begged Berryhill for his sweaty nasty shirt till he gave it to him…

What is your goal for the future of RPM?

Keep making music and growing. It would be sick to do an international tour someday.

Thanks Guys!

Download all three of their EPs below and be sure to peep the video of RPM in action!

Download: Robotic Pirate Monkey Sidetracked

Download: Robotic Pirate Monkey Jungle Tales Vol 1

Download: Robotic Pirate Monkey Disturbing Pleasant Streets


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Ladies Night [Weekend Jams for the Lovely Ladies, No Cover! Free Drinks till 12!]

14 Jul

pnutbutterjams.comWelcome to Ladies Night! These down-loadable tracks are not going to make you want to sit back and relax, they’re not in the Top 40 but they will get you pumped for the night and/or make you jam out in your car. I got some Moombahton with some sexy vocals and a few tracks from Project Aspect that recently dropped. Enjoy kids.

Play Safe, Party Hard


Why don’t you ZIP IT?

Download: You Got it Bad (Project Aspect Remix)- Usher – MUST

Download: Best Love Song (Project Aspect Remix) – T-Pain ft. Chris Brown – MUST

Download: Badman – Supreme & Filth Collins – Reggae and hard wobbles

Download: Last Friday Night (Mark Parker Dubstep) – Katy Perry √+

Download: Hit’s Me like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix) – CSS  – Moombahton √++

Download: Follow U (Trolley Snatcha Remix) – Yogi ft. Ayah Marar – SEXY

Download: I Will Survive (project Aspect Remix)- Diana Ross – MUST

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Holy Dub Day #10

26 Jun

Holy Dub Day turns 10 this week! Happy birthday to this holy day. Hope your weekends were filled with some friendly summer fun and maybe even EDC Vegas (you lucky bastards whoever got the chance to go). Honestly I am a little tired from not having a real job and partying my summer away so this will be quick. The entire playlist is awesome so just download it and check out Skrillex’s music video from his past eight months of touring. Did you hear he got a PB&J™ tattoo? So sick.

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Download: Teenage Dream (Kaskade Remix) – Katy Perry

Download: Spirits in The Material World – Derek Allen ♥ +

Download: Skrillmau5 – 5 & A Dime (Deadmau5 vs. Skrillex vs. Cooper) WIN ♥++

Download: Save the World (Cazzette Bootleg) – Swedish House Mafia ♥+++

Download: Rolling in the Deep (Deathstar Remix) – Adele (Another remix of this song?? YES)

Download: E.T. (Biometrix Dubstep Remix) – Katy Perry

Download: Drop it Low (Disco Fries Radio Mix) – Disco Fries ♥+

Download: Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Flight Facilities (ft. Giselle)

Download: Bank Job (ft. Medison, Ruckspin & Durrty Goodz) – Foreign Beggars

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