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Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Original Mix)

11 Sep

When you make the decision to title your song ‘Iron’, you better make sure that it goes hard, and believe me when I say Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris made sure this track does just that. Filled with progressive wonder, sensational build ups, and a dirty amount of wobble; what else could you ask for? How about Calvin Harris throwing in his own vocals on top of all that? Yea he just did that! Not only did he pull it off, but his vocals actually bring this track to the next level. Sounds too good to be true? Go ahead, check it out for yourself!

Purchase: Nicky Romero & Calvin Harris – Iron (Original Mix) [Beatport]


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Eric Prydz – EPIC Radio 003

5 Sep

Miracle man, Eric Prydz is back with his 3rd installment of EPIC Radio. If you’ve heard the first 2 episodes then you should know what to expect by now. Again, Mr. Prydz’s is throwing in a bunch of unreleased tracks and special edits that he used throughout his summer shows. Where other podcasts may be incredibly repetitive Prydz presents tracks like Richard Knott‘Solus Locus’, a really unique and complex song that I’m sure many people have never even heard of. He then takes a song that we all know and puts his own twist on it, see: Adrian Lux – Teenage Crime (Eric Prydz Festival Edit). Plain and simple: you gotta love what this guy does for EDM.


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Dash Berlin – United Destinations 2012 (Album)

24 Aug

Dash Berlin’s latest compilation album is literally overflowing with amazing progressive trance. This two-disc album contains thirty songs and every single one of them is right on the money. As he switches from song to song the listener is treated to chilling vocals, powerful bass and mesmerizing synths. Dash really does a great job of mixing it up on this album, including tracks from  Shogun, MarLo, and many more. To make the album even more special he has thrown in a bunch of awesome tracks that aren’t so popular or as I’d like to call them, Hidden Gems. Overall this album is a dream come true for all trance fans and beyond that it’s something that all fans of EDM should thoroughly enjoy. United Destionations 2012 has officially been released Today too. Do the right thing and get a few copies!

Purchase: Dash Berlin – United Destinations 2012


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Cosmic Gate @ Lit Ultra Bar 8/2/2012 [Review]

14 Aug

Until last Thursday, I had only heard rumors about how amazing Nic and Bossi were live. Then I got the chance to experience their greatness firsthand and they far exceeded my expectations. Having been to Lit a few times prior to Thursday, I can certainly say that I have never seen the place light up like this before. It’s a cool scene in the sense that it’s not too big of a venue, but it’s really well updated and the L.E.D lights that cover the walls give off a sick vibe to rage to all night. The evening kicked off with a few local DJ’s, but it was JackieBuhl who easily stood out amongst them all. Playing songs like Albin Myers – ‘Hells Bells’ and Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes – ‘Here We Go’, he wasted no time getting the party started. But this was just the beginning…

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Jaytech – Multiverse (Album Review)

12 Aug

Being a part of the Anjuna family comes with high expectations, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem for Jaytech. Working under the same label as guys like Mat Zo, Arty, and the legendary Above & Beyond has certainly paid off big time. Since he dropped his first album on Anjunadeep, he’s been steadily climbing and perfecting his craft. This Multiverse album that drops tomorrow represents the transition Jaytech has made during that time period. During this journey he has gone from a solid opener to a legitimate headliner…

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Jaytech Set to Release Multiverse Album August 13

8 Aug

One of Anjunabeats’ brightest stars is dropping his second album on August 13th. That’s right, after a three year wait Jaytech is releasing his new album Multiverse, and if the minimix that he’s given out already is any sign of what to expect, then the album is going to be straight Fire. Starting out as one of Above & Beyond’s preferred openers, Jaytech has risen into the limelight himself. It was only a matter of time before a producer of his caliber would emerge as a premiere name in EDM. Jaytech’s natural style seems to develop super clean, ultra soothing melodies matched with high energy, down right sexy big room drops. Based on this I don’t know how the album could be anything short of amazing. Make sure you grab your copy next week. In the meantime check out Jaytech on Facebook and pick upthe minimix below!


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Cosmic Gate’s Wake Your Mind Tour is Coming to Philly!

30 Jul

This year it seems like Cosmic Gate is out to remind everyone that they’re still a powerhouse in the world of  Trance. The duo has been demolishing dance floors at some of the world’s biggest festivals while pumping out fresh new material as well. Not to mention a Worldwide Tour celebrating their latest album, Wake Your Mind. As the tour continues, the boys will be making their next stop at Lit Ultrabar in Philadelphia with the help of our good friends over at The Drop! This is not a show to be missed. If you’ve heard any of the sets they’ve put out so far this year then know it’s going to be a good night! However, if in fact you need anymore convincing as to why you should be there, just check out the video below…see you all out there!