PB&J Secrets

Welcome to the PB&J Secrets Page! Below are some hints, tips, and tricks to help make your PB&J experience all the more enjoyable! Thanks for stopping by!

1) What is The Vault?

The PB&J Vault is where we post our most exclusive and special content that is too hot to be posted on the front page. Some of these downloads are available for weeks, some only for a few hours, so make sure you’re checkin up on it! OR, you could join us in the VIP Lounge and receive instant updates whenever something juicy is up for grabs in the Vault.

2) What is The Frontline?

The Frontline is our boots-on-the-ground page where we feature photos of our Jambassadors and fans rocking their PB&J swag at shows, festivals, or other events where music and raging come together. Want to make it on the Frontline yourself? Send us an email, title it ‘Frontline,’ and attach the epic pic you want to share with the PB&J Nation. We’ll get it up there, as long as it’s worthy, so make it a sick one!

3) Open Links in new Tab!

We try and make it so all of the links in our posts open up in new tabs. However, we’re humans, and we screw shit up sometimes. SO, one thing you can do to make your visit to PB&J a little smoother is to: right-click – open link in new tab, when you click our download links, ect. This will keep the homepage loaded and load the download pages separately, making everything run faster and smoother!

4) We Have a Categories Widget!

Want to sift through all the jams and only get the genre you love? Scroll down our sidebar on the frontpage until you hit the, ‘Choose Your Flavor,’ widget and pick your favorite flav!

5) Here’s Some Helpful Searches you can use on PB&J!

a) “Essential Mix” – This search will bring up all of the BBC Radio One Essential Mixes we have posted in the past. There’s alot of them on here so whenever you need an hour to two hour long mix, don’t forget to check them out!

b) “Ultra Music Festival” – This search will bring up all of the mixes we posted from Miami Music Week 2011. That Includes Ultra Music Festival 2011, Winter Music Conference 2011, and some of the parties in between!

6) Why Go VIP?

a) The PB&J VIP Lounge is the best place for us to communicate with you! Ask us questions, recommend music, or just say what’s up! We love hearing from you all so don’t be shy!

b) Get notified instantly when the Vault is updated so you don’t miss out on some of our best content!

c) We also use our VIP page to share videos, upcoming events, ticket sales, and other special offers!

7) Did you know there’s a secret link on PB&J? Find it if you can….

That’s all we got for now! Check out the links below and have a great fuckin’ day!

Take Me To The VIP Lounge!

Take Me To The Birdhouse!

Take Me Back To The Jams!


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