Waze & Odyssey: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview

3 Dec
Relative veterans to Britain’s underground house scene, Waze & Odyssey have curated quite the campaign for themselves in the past few years. Once again, they’re up for voting on DJ Mag’s “Best of Britain” poll this year. We’ve featured the boys here on PB&J™ before, but we wanted to give you all a little more insight into their world. W&O has run remix collaborations with T-E-E-D & Disclosure lately, as well as launching their new label: Waze & Odyssey Street Tracks earlier this summer. Take a gander at what we discussed with them last week:
Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey

1. Brief introduction: how did Waze & Odyssey first embark on your house music project?
Where do we start? It was a monkey’s in 2001 kinda scene. It just came to us.. and it was a case of “if they can do it, we can do it better” kinda of thing.
2. You’ve had the opportunities lately to collaborate with other incredible artists such as T-E-E-D, Disclosure, Ejeca and even being featured on some of The Magician’s Magic Tapes. What would you point to as a source for your recent acclaim?
We have a lot of love for T-E-E-D, Disclosure and Ejeca and it just felt right squirting some of the Waze & Odyssey spicy sauce all over their fine creations. The Magician got magic in the game.
3. Let’s talk about your newly launched label W&O Street Tracks. What would you like to do differently with your label than some of the other contemporary labels out there?
We haven’t set out to do anything different and that’s almost impossible. We want it to be a family thang – social and easy system fueled by music we love and evolving in whatever it evolves into.. We’ve tried to change the world before and it was stupid.
4. You currently have your label centralized in London, but you both have hopped around the globe and called a few major cities your home. Are there any cities in particular that have held an influence on your production or DJ style?
Travel is part of the job and you gotta be a burk not to pick up skillz everyone you go, Every city brings different heat and we always travel in shorts.
5. What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve witnessed while playing a venue?
Ever seen a kid jack so hard they knock themselves out? Welcome to our world.
6. Do either of you have a specific drink you prefer before a performance?
+Watermelon pucker fucker+
1 shot DeKuyper® Watermelon Pucker schnapps
1 squirt grenadine syrup
1 shot Malibu® coconut rum
fill with pineapple juice
7. Are there any classic tracks that you can’t help but include in one of your sets?
Johnick – Good Time / C’mon Give it up
DJ Hyperactive – Chicago
DiY – Bounce
Storm – Love is the message (Message Dub Mix)
DJ Zinc – 138 Trek makes an appearence from time to time.
8. Are there any major announcements on the way? Originals, tour dates or any artists you’re excited to see on your label?
2013 we’re working a lot with Ejeca (Krunk EP featured below), plus we’ll be bringing more friends and family into the W&O Street Tracks family. It’s gonna get all warm and cozy. We’re gonna be cooking up some ribs, steaks and assorted meats. Bring a bottle.

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