Fehrplay: PB&J™ Exclusive Interview

28 Nov

More than excited to start the day off with an exclusive interview with one of my favorite dj’s on the rise right now. Fehrplay took the time to sit down with us and chat a bit about himself, his productions, his recent touring schedule and what he’s got planned for the future. If you don’t know, Fehrplay is Eric Prydz’s latest talent on the Pryda Friend’s label. He’s been opening up for him and absolutely destroying arenas across the world. With his own slew of amazingly pleasurable singles and a handful of Prydz remixes under his belt, Fehrplay is destined for greatness. Ladies and Gentleman, we bring you:



So to start it off, How did you come up with the name Fehrplay? It’s very unique.

My mate J-man suggested it – it’s a play on word from my real name Jonas Von Der Fehr 🙂


You and Eric Prydz killed Ibiza this past summer! What’s it like being back in Ibiza after picking up so much buzz and being under the Pryda Friends camp?

It was actually my first summer in Ibiza. Was such a great experience to play there alongside some huge names. The terrace of Amnesia is truly a special place to spin – I feel blessed to have had the opportunity already.


Do you have a special venue (maybe back home) that you love to play at? Any gigs that have special memories from the past year?

I’ve played Ministry Of Sound in London a couple of times now and the sound system is fantastic, looking forward to going back in 2013!


Any standout songs that you have to play every set?

Todd Terje Ragysh – I played it all summer and it gets a great reaction every time. The drop is so euphoric and it has an amazing groove.


How did you begin producing? What inspired you to make dance music, and was there any specific point after a track where you knew you wanted to be a professional dj and musician?

I started playing piano, and had a big interest in Trance music from quite a young age. Got my first computer with simple production software when I was around 12 years old. Its became a hobby from there on. Don’t really know a certain point where I decided to become a professional musician, but deciding to go study it in the UK helped.


I noticed some of your early music wasn’t strictly dance music; what are your other influences? What made you go with the sound you are using now? (Which is f*cking epic by the way)

Yeah, I think you need to experience with a lot of different types of sounds to find your own. My influences are from various genres; Jazz, Hip Hop and of course house music. Also a big fan of film music (Vangelis, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson Williams etc..) there’s so much emotion in it.


Can you name some fellow producers who you’e really into right now?

Maceo Plex / Maetrik is making some amazing tracks just right now and I’m really into Todd Terje, Solomun, Jeremy Olander, Dosem… and of course Mr Prydz.


Any go-to equipment that’s essential to your producing? Are you an Analog or digital music producer?

I’m a little bit of both, but mainly software. Hardware is great but can take a bit more time to use. I’m really into the vintage sounds of the Moog, Roland etc, and maybe one day I’ll have them all in hardware but for now I’m using the Arturia vintage collection. It works great!


Any big surprises that we should look out for?

I’m working on a very special collaboration with someone…that’s all I can say right now 😉


We NEED you in the states, can we get a guess as to when you’ll be here?

New York was just incredible. Probably the best shows I’ve played to date. The crowd were amazing so I’m looking forward to coming back over as soon as possible. I”ll be playing New Years Eve in Las Vegas and then touring with Eric next year as well as some stand alone shows… check my facebook page and twitter for announcements!


Check out Fehrplay on Beatport for any of his tacks! 


brought to you exclusively by PB&J


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