Monitor 66 – PB&J Exclusive Interview

24 Sep

Monitor 66, the other Swedish house trio going by Hannes, Hannes Calle, has made a name for themselves in the indie dance/nu disco market. Their single, “Triscuits“, made an incredible splash when it featured as the opener to The Magician’s Magic Tape 22 back in April and is still an essential lounge track in DJ sets nearly 5 months later. Today, they’ve released their Triscuits EP with House of Disco Records and, to commemorate, we wanted to highlight these up’n’comers to give you all a sense of the inspiration behind their magic.

Purchase: Monitor 66 – Triscuits EP



Introduce yourselves and your background. What does each of you contribute to Monitor 66?

We are three Swedish dudes in our early twenties who’ve been playing and making music together as Monitor 66 for a little over year now.  We each bring something of our own to the table. Calle is somewhat of a musical genius – He can play almost any instrument you put in his hands, so if you hear any real guitar or piano on any of our tracks it’s his work. Hannes R is the man on the buttons, so to speak. He’s the one who knows the software and the production techniques. My role is basically coming up with crazy out of the box ideas to throw at the other two. Most of the time they don’t work at all, but now and then they actually end out working out rather great. I reckon we’ve come up with a pretty good way of working together.


Who came up with “Monitor 66”?

The name actually comes from the old 70’s Celestion Ditton 66 studio monitors that were installed in Calle’s dad’s man cave/studio, where we made our first track together. It was originally a placeholder for a real name , but it kind of stuck with us, I guess.


Did it come as a surprise when The Magician featured your “Triscuits” track as the opener for his Magic Tape 22?

People were telling us to send it to Stephen in the comments of the track, so we did. We didn’t have any expectations when we sent it over, but he responded almost immediately and told us he liked the track and wanted to play it in the next Magic Tape. So yeah, it came as a somewhat of a surprise. We’re definitely grateful to Stephen and all the other DJs that have featured our music in their mixtapes.


If you could collaborate with any other artists, who would they be?

The obvious answer would be someone that all three of us are huge fans of, like Daft Punk for example, but I think it would be hard to work with someone you really look up to like that. Working with someone at least a little more on our level would probably be a easier and smoother process. It would be fun to collaborate with more disco oriented people like Mam or Flight Facilities, or on the house side; Disclosure or Julio Bashmore.


What other artists do you 

enjoy listening to

We have a pretty broad musical taste between us. Calle is into the indie rock stuff, I know that he’s been enjoying the new Two Door Cinema Club album as of late. Hannes R is a little hard to pinpoint, but I think he’s in a Pink Floyd-phase at the moment. I myself have been listening a lot to the new The XX album lately. We listen a lot to the deep house/nu disco stuff similar to our own music as well, but that goes without saying.

enjoy following

If we’re talking about twitter here Tiga is the one to follow – hilarious dude.

enjoy seeing live  

Our friend Dana Bergquist always delivers splendid DJ-sets.


What production tools do you use (if you would like to share) and what equipment do you use when playing live shows?

We use 90% Ableton Live and 10% Reason for production. We also use live guitar, bass, piano and synths now and then. Her Bells was for example mostly recorded with a microkorg and a guitar.

At the moment we only do regular DJ-sets, but we want to start doing some kind of live performances in the future.


Where do you see the Monitor 66 project this time next year?

We haven’t even thought about that to be honest. We’re just happy if things keep developing in the same way it has over the last year.


How have you enjoyed your partnership with House of Disco Records? 

Dave Magnier, the head of HOD, has supported us from the start.  We’re big fans of all the other guys on the label so it’s great to be part of such a talented group of people.


What can we expect from Monitor 66 in the near future? Any specific announcements you would like to make?

Today is the release day of the Triscuits EP, featuring remixes from Roberto Rodriguez, Dead Rose Music Company and PBR Streetgang. Our remix of Emeron & Fox’s “Nightmares” is released today as well (listen below).

Purchase: Emeron & Fox – Nightmares (Monitor 66 remix)

We have a couple of remixes coming out in the near future and a solo EP in the works. For those who like to play detective, there might be some previews of those remixes and originals to be found in various mixtapes on the web.



Bonus (my personal favorite):

Download: Laberge & Nikademus – So Far (Monitor 66 Regulate edit)



Follow Monitor 66:

Soundcloud // Facebook // Resident Advisor


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  1. Jason Herrera October 29, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Hey guys,
    I really enjoy your site. I have a Nu-Disco/Indie-dance mix I created and was hoping you could share it on your site for others to listen. Thank you!

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