Friday Six Pack #7

17 Dec

Sorry for the late postage, it’s been a rough day. Fuckin oyster shots, Jager, and about 10 Natty Boh’s… at least I only drove the last half of the way home. Special thanks goes out to JZ for picking my ass up. Now for the six pack: I’m feeling pretty fucking good about this one. I don’t use the words Creme Fraiche very often, but this one might just be the Creme Fraiche of the Creme Fraiche, if you know what I mean. Do yourself a favor and grab the .zip, you have better shit to do on the weekend than sitting around downloading music. Have a great weekend and a great X-mas break (or Hanukkah or Kwanza or whatever). Later.


Bulk Download: Friday Six Pack

Download: Sweet Dreams (Avicii Bootleg) – Eurythmics

Download: Hypnotize U (Alex Metric Remix) – N.E.R.D.

Download: The Filth (Mr. White Remix) – Circuit Freq

Download: Me & You (Danger Remix) – Nero

Download: I Love You So – Cassius

Download: Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger All-Stars Remix) – MGMT

Special Thanks: JZ, Our fans on the UMD football squad, Chemical Jump, SHOCK

~ NBV ~

Keep it Fraiche, PB&J